News Junkie

A memoir

“Jason Leopold exposes his own double life in News Junkie. By day he is an aggressive journalist with bylines from outlets such as The Los Angeles Times and the Dow Jones Newswires. By night he’s a cocaine-addicted felon without a college degree.”CityBeat

“You don’t have to read the paper or even watch the news to appreciate this well written book. Sure, it centers around a fantastic journalistic story. It is also a story of addiction/sobriety, overcoming child abuse and a love story. It is a dark and gritty book that is hard to put down.” — Dr. Jenn Berman, “Therapist, author, & parent” … (Los Angeles, CA)

“News Junkie is the engaging memoir and personally revealing story of Jason Leopold and his willingness to risk an unhealthy and destructive life in exchange as an investigative reporter. An incredible autobiography of a genuinely hazardous career that came to involve selling drugs and stolen goods, News Junkie carries readers through the riveting true-life tale of a reporter’s daily job dedicated to exposing corporate-crooks and politician, facing his own illegal behavior brought about by his own felonious behavior, his pressing need for regaining personal sobriety, and the impact upon his emotional well being of what he had been continuously confronted with while in the pursuit of his profession. With its superbly presented candor, News Junkie is very highly recommended reading both as a memoir offering unique insights into the mind and life of an investigative journalist, and as a “slice of life” window into the stories and personalities behind headline stories of corruption and crime.” — Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

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