Bush at Center of Intelligence Leak?

Editor’s Note: In light of explosive revelations made Thursday morning by former
White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan claiming that President Bush ordered
the leak of classified information in the CIA leak case, The Public Record is republishing …
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US Soldiers Launch Campaign to Convert Iraqis

Some U.S. military personnel appears to have launched an initiative to covert thousands
of Iraqi citizens to Christianity by distributing Bibles and other fundamentalist
Christian literature translated into Arabic to Iraqi Muslims.
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Jason Leopold: McClellan Suggests Plame Cover-up

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan says George W. Bush’s political
guru Karl Rove arranged a private meeting with Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief
of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby in 2005 when the two men were under mounting …
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GOP Contender Linked to Attorney Firing

Though virtually unknown outside the Albuquerque area, Bernalillo County Sheriff
Darren White is betting that his conservative credentials and close ties to the White
House will help Republicans retain the hotly contested New Mexico congressional seat …
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Rove Protégé May Dig for Dirt on Obama

Timothy Griffin, a central figure in the U.S. Attorney scandal and a protégé of
Republican political guru Karl Rove, reportedly has been hired to dig up dirt on
likely Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.
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McCain Defends ‘Enron Loophole’

Sen. John McCain says he opposes the $307 billion farm bill because it would dole
out wasteful subsidies, but his chief economic adviser Phil Gramm also wants to stop
its proposed regulation of energy futures trading, a market that was famously abused …
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Bush Operative Pushes Voter-ID Law

A senior legal adviser to the Bush-Cheney 2004 reelection campaign is working behind
the scenes to help enact a Missouri state constitutional amendment that critics say
would suppress the vote in the key battleground state this November by requiring …
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Torture Policies Undermine 9/11 Case

The Pentagon’s decision to drop war-crimes charges against Mohammed al-Qahtani,
the alleged “20th hijacker” in the 9/11 attacks, again underscores the consequences
of the Bush administration’s descent into torture and other abusive treatment of …
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Lost E-Mails Obscure ‘Plame-gate’

Earlier this week, the White House disclosed that it could not recover lost e-mails
from emergency backup tapes for the period covering the invasion of Iraq and the
U.S. failure to find Iraq’s alleged WMD.
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Military Coordinated Prayer With Christian Right

At least half-a-dozen active-duty military officials have been working closely with a task force headed by the far-right fundamentalist Christians planning religious events at military installations around the country to commemorate Thursday’s National …
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